About LogFire

cube-standing-outLogFire is made up of two distinct company divisions with one common goal – to help companies extract the full potential of their supply chain.

Originally founded in 2007 as a supply chain consulting and professional services firm, based on decades of domain expertise in helping companies around the globe implement traditional warehouse management solutions, LogFire Supply Chain Consulting continues today to help companies that have made large capital investments in traditional and legacy client-hosted third party warehousing solutions or custom systems.

From its beginning, LogFire also believed that there was a new way to deliver superior and ongoing business value at a lower total cost of ownership to companies wishing to improve and optimize their warehousing and supply chain operation – that the future was networked business processes and the best computing environment to deliver such was “the cloud”.

LogFire built from the ground up its LogFire Cloud-based Solutions division in delivering today the industry’s leading multi-tenant multi-channel inventory and warehouse management solutions (WMS) for companies of all sizes.  The cornerstone of both LogFire divisions is strong supply chain domain expertise and focus on doing what is right for the customer at a fair price and profit.


Help organizations of all sizes extract the full potential of their supply chain operations.


To be the leading Cloud-based Supply Chain Solutions & Managed Services provider.


Deliver market leading Cloud-based Supply Chain Solutions & Managed Services, leveraging advanced technology to realize business improvements at a lower total cost of ownership.